Black Artisans & Small Business Owners

If you're following along on Instagram, I'm sharing a series of black women artisans & shops in celebration of Black History Month.  This is the master list (updated daily) for those who missed part of the progression!

First, an introduction: Brown Babes Rep Too is an amazing community that is, in their own words, "dedicated to ensuring a diverse environment within small business advertising and influencer marketing."  They also curated this list of black women owned businesses.  Thank you!




Day 1: Sweet Looks Collection

Day 2: Deep South Atelier

Day 3: True Hue Creations

Day 4: Bubbly Giraffe

Day 5: Kenfolk Kids

Day 5: Knotilus

Day 7: Tabitha's Creations

Day 8: Ari and Ali

Day 9: A Spirit of Joy

Day 10: Made for Monsterz

Day 11: Krew & Co.

Day 12: Sweet Reasons

Day 13: Wild Rich Kids

Day 14: Typical Black Tees

Day 15: Dapper Boys of May



Photo courtesy of Moments by Mama Bear Photography (also a black woman owned business)