Black Lives Matter. Representation Matters. Part 2

Black woman outside by an off white wall, wearing a green silk scarf

Anti-racism work isn't work that should be done only if it can be done quickly, perfectly, or in front of an audience, but one of the ways it should be addressed is through representation.

Representation was on my radar in a general way, but it was hard to tell on my social media platforms because I was posting irregularly, and I hadn't made a measurable commitment. But representation matters and product businesses, especially those of us with models in our photos, can do better.

People should be able to see themselves reflected in the representations of the world around them, and as a business, especially a fashion business, that's a part of the larger anti-racism work I need to address (to be clear, not the only part).

I don't want to promise I'll stick with daily posts - so far that's been reserved for special occasions! - but I will be posting (not counting Instagram Stories, which ideally will be more often) at least twice a week, and at least 30% of my content - including one of the posts - will feature Black people and anti-racism. That includes Black people modeling my work, but also Black businesses, action items, thought leaders. Black people will make up at least 30% of the models I work with, and another 30% of the models will be people of color.

I'm reviewing my math for summer and fall 2020.  If this isn't established by September of 2020, then I'll be working exclusively with Black and people of color models to make it happen for winter/holiday 2020.


There is more I can do, especially as a business, and I'm particularly looking at ways to support Black-, Indigenous-, and people of color-owned businesses and organizations.  I'm doing research, but if you have any suggestions, especially for organizations encouraging greater diversity in the arts, I'd love to hear from you!


This post is part of a series.  See the previous post here, or search the tag blacklivesmatter.

Photo courtesy of Moments By Mama Bear Photography.

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