About Ten Thousand Dandelions

Hello!  I'm Clare Lipinski, the owner and artist behind Ten Thousand Dandelions, and I'm so glad you've come by!

I'm a color-lover and texture aficionado who works with her hands because it’s never a bad thing to have a reminder that we are beautiful and capable, and straight lines aren’t the only kind of beauty in the world. We all do our best work when we feel confident in ourselves, wandering lines and all.

I absolutely believe we are more than what we wear, but I also know that a delightful flourish -  be it a brilliant silk scarf or a delicately swinging earring - can make you feel special, and just a little bit more like your best self.

And so when I pull out my pots to dye silk or I get out my pencils to design earrings, I choose colors, materials and textures that are delightful to wear.  Each piece is unique, something to add a bounce to your step on the way into a morning meeting, a twinkle to your eye at the next family dinner, or a swish to your hips on a Friday night.

Ready to wander in?  I hope you find something lovely.





I'm Clare