Dandelion Hunting - Election Edition

close up of single blooming yellow dandelion, with dark green blurred background

"Grandad's Garden, Dandelion" by Sunchild57 Photography. Taking a break. is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0


It's an intense day for a lot of us - election day in the US - and I thought we could use a Dandelion Hunting refresher.

There is work we can do to make our world better, no matter who wins today's elections.  But today does demand a lot.

So here are few Ten Thousand Dandelions-recommended refuges, for when you need a moment.


Animal Fun

Pandas, who clearly have their own agenda and are adorable fluff balls while they have at it.

A live view of a water hole in Tsavo East National Park, Kenya.

A magpie being upside down.


Wanderlust & Exploration

For a farthest out perspective, here are images of space from the Hubble Telescope.

A volunteer science project studying watering holes - volunteers are asked to watch video feeds and record the animals that come to drink.  (Here are some more volunteer science projects you can do from your phone or your computer.)

And a website that lets you see the view from other windows around the world.


A comic illustrating hugs to look forward to when the pandemic is over.

A hug in art, and the gorgeous blog of Morgan Harper Nichols, which is full of gentle encouragement, comfort, reflection, and peace.  Her Instagram account is also pretty awesome.

Hair Love, the wonderful (and Oscar winning) short featuring a Black family, a father-daughter relationship, and small, intimate moments of showing love.  And hugs.

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