Gift Guide Part 2 - Simple but not Unpolished

For the person who likes simple, but not unpolished - presenting our Silk Infinity Scarf.


Asian woman wearing a cozy white sweater looking down and arranging russet red silk infinity scarf around her neck, wavy black hair falling over her shoulder and bangs sweeping low across her forehead

Infinity scarves are perfect for the sister who almost can't be bothered - she's got to lead three client meetings, help her 4th grader with homework questions, send out invoices and help set up for a school holiday concert, and that's just Thursday.

She's all for color, but she needs something that looks and feels good tossed on, without a lot of fussing!


Collage of women wearing large silk infinity scarves.  One is a Black woman with her hair in braids and pulled into a bun at the top of her head, wearing a bright gold silk infinity scarf with a green vest and black shirt. The other is a white woman with long brown-blond hair wearing a blue silk infinity scarf, a gray sweater and a black shirt.

Collage of women wearing silk infinity scarves. One is an Arab American with long dark hair and highlights, wearing a green silk infinity scarf and a cream colored coat.  The other is a Black woman with short coiled hair framing her face in profile, wearing a dark pink sweater and a light pink silk infinity scarf.

A collage of photos of women wearing silk infinity scarves.  One is of a white woman pulling her long blond hair into a pony tail while wearing a pink silk infinity scarf with a tan short sleeve sweater and purple top. The other is a plus size Black woman with short hair in small locs, wearing a bright red extra large silk infinity scarf with a black fedora, denim shirt, white tank and black pants.


The 22x76" and 11x76" silk infinity scarves in Dandelion Gold (22x76"), Aqua (22x76"), Juniper (seasonal or special order color - 11x76"), Shell Pink (11x76"), Rose (11x76"), and Chili Red (22x76").  Photos courtesy of Denise Van Photography, Moment by Mama Bear Photography, and Artfully Yours Photography.


Infinity scarves are perfect for days you want to have the color and feel of silk on your skin, but you need to get into your to-do list ASAP - even better with a scarf magnet to really hold them in place (without actually losing the buttery soft, flowing effect of the silk).

You can get creative, of course, but the basic loop around once, twice or three times is something that everybody can do, no mirror required!





P.S. Missed Part 1? Let me introduce you to our best-selling scarf style over here!


Cropped photo of woman holding an array of colorful silk scarves in front of her, draped over her arms.

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