Ten Thousand Dandelions is a lot of dandelions

close up of yellow silk scarf


I thought I'd start today with my most frequently asked question.  After all, ten thousand is a lot of dandelions.

Almost every time someone hears the name of my business, they ask what it's about.  And the answer is, it's about joy.

“Ten thousand dandelions” was an off-hand phrase I heard when I was little. The guy who said it was in the middle of working – and he was having a blast. So were the people around him. “Ten thousand dandelions” felt like shorthand for fun, laughing, loving your work and making people around you happy.

Sounds like an great business goal to me.

And maybe there was a soft spot for a pretty, yellow flower I could pick when I was little without, you know, invading someone's garden. (I'm a city child. There were a lot of dandelion bouquets.)

Sometimes you just want something that makes you feel happy as you walk out into your day.

So with each piece I make, I choose colors, materials and textures that are delightful to wear.

Something to add a bounce to your step on your way into a morning meeting, a twinkle to your eye at the next family party, or a swish to your hips on a Friday night.

A little reminder that you're kind of amazing, and you're capable of amazing things.

You know - a little joy.

See you later!



Clare Lipinski

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