Wearing Silk in Summer

It's an intensely rainy weekend, and I'm still waiting for our lilacs to bloom, but summer has arrived at Ten Thousand Dandelions!  And I've been working with a team of photographers who have some ideas for how to wear silk in summer.

Image collage: Black woman wearing turquoise silk scarf tied in a bow around her neck, Asian woman wearing large square scarf tied around neck bandana style, white woman with long scarf tied in loop around neck

Image collage: white woman wearing long blue silk scarf, close up of white woman wearing red bandana tied around neck

Featured colors for summer-  Clockwise from top left: Peach Pink, Olive Green, Turquoise, Chili Red, Cobalt Blue.      Photos courtesy of Denise Van Photography, Luner Photography, Sabrina Hendley Photography, Foques Photography,  and Bailee Lewis Photography


There are so many fun and fabulous was to wear a silk scarf around your neck, but sometimes summer is too much for even the most delightful scarf, so we also collected some non-neck alternatives.

Image collage: Black woman wearing silk scarf tied around waist, white woman with hair tied in a bun with silk scarf

Image of white woman from the back, wearing her hair tied in a bun with silk bandana

Image collage: black woman wearing silk scarf tied as a headband, black woman wearing silk scarf tied as a skinny headwrap

Summer Colors, clockwise from top left: Olive Green, Cobalt Blue, Turquoise, Chili Red and Peach Pink.      Photos courtesy of Sabrina Hendley Photography, Bailee Lewis Photography, Emma Inwood Photography, Shavonna Howard and Nicole McCimmon.


(And of course there are always earrings, when even that seems like too much!)

Image collage: close ups of three pairs of drop earrings: large gold with red ruffles, small gold with green ruffles, large blue with gold ruffles

 Left to Right: Chili Red, Olive Green, Cobalt Blue.      Photos courtesy of Jennifer Nolan Photography, Megan Christie Photography and Bailee Lewis Photography.


Got a favorite way to wear scarves (silk or otherwise) in the summer? Let me know!  I like a loose infinity scarf like this, but I default to earrings only when even that's too hot.

Close up of white woman wearing blue silk infinity scarf

Silk infinity scarf in Cobalt Blue.   Photo courtesy of Shop Photos Co.


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Today, I highly recommend taking a look at yarn bombing on the image search engine of your choice (the link goes to Pinterest).

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