Black Artisans & Small Business Owners - 2020

If you followed along on Instagram in February, I shared a series of black women artisans & shops in celebration of Black History Month.  This is the master list for those who missed part of the progression, or who wanted to come back after February.

First, an introduction: Brown Babes Rep Too is an amazing community that is, in their own words, "dedicated to ensuring a diverse environment within small business advertising and influencer marketing."  They also curated this list of black women owned businesses.  Thank you!




Day 1: Sweet Looks Collection

Day 2: Deep South Atelier

Day 3: True Hue Creations

Day 4: Bubbly Giraffe

Day 5: Kenfolk Kids

Day 6: Knotilus

Day 7: Tabitha's Creations

Day 8: Ari and Ali

Day 9: A Spirit of Joy

Day 10: Made for Monsterz

Day 11: Krew & Co.

Day 12: Sweet Reasons

Day 13: Wild Rich Kids

Day 14: Typical Black Tees

Day 15: Dapper Boys of May

Day 16: Topsee Turbanz

Day 17: Restoring the Remnant

Day 18: Crochet Me This

Day 19: Wandering Child Co.

Day 20: Snicklefritz Collection

Day 21: Mattie & Mase

Day 22: Ayden's Rainbow

Day 23: Ryann Bella Boutique

Day 24: Inspired by Adrian Denise

Day 25: Sweet Expreshunz

Day 26: The Little Posh Co.

Day 27: Creations by Shirelle

Day 28: King Knits

Day 29: Inspirational Me Tee



Photo courtesy of Moments by Mama Bear Photography (also a black woman owned business)

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