Gift Guide Part 1 - Have you met our Bestseller?

We have so definitely achieved scarf weather, AND our early bird shoppers who don't want to stress about shipping delays are busy checking off holiday gifts. It's a good time for scarf shopping.

But what type of scarf? I know, you've got a ton of choices you're working through, in general and holiday-specific, so I'm sharing a mini gift guide series to help.

 Collage of photos featuring a Black woman with coiled hair framing her face, wearing a crocus purple silk scarf around her neck in two photos and holding the scarf in front of her in a triangle shape in the third photo.

Let me introduce you to our best seller - our signature Square Silk Scarf.

These large square scarves are perfect for the person who has fun with clothes - they like details that make their outfit different, and getting dressed in the morning is kind of fun.

 Collage of an Indian woman with long, straight black hair standing outside, looking at the camera and smiling wearing black and a green silk scarf, and a white woman sitting on a couch with short auburn hair wearing a white shirt, jeans and a blue silk scarf.


collage of two women wearing large square silk scarves. One in her 60s with bleached hair, wearing a jacket, t-shirt, jeans and a green silk scarf. The other is a young Black woman with her hair pulled back into a bun, wearing all black except for a rose pink silk scarf.

collage of two women with large square silk scarves. One is Chinese American, wearing a black tank and a peach silk scarf. The other is a white woman holding a large blue silk scarf out in front of her to make a triangle.

The 35x35" signature square scarf in Crocus, Viridian Green, Cobalt Blue (seasonal or special order color), Olive Green (seasonal or special order color), Rose, Summer Peach (seasonal or special order color), and Glacier.  Photos courtesy of Denise Van Photography, Angel Renee Photography, Exposure by Rachael Photography, Crimson Lens Photography and Chasity O. Photography.

Square scarves are a classic shape for a reason, and the styling options are multitude, so they're perfect for someone who likes to add a little creativity to their look. (And maybe not so great for someone who prefers to get dressed with their eyes closed - that person would probably prefer an infinity scarf they can just loop around a couple times!).




P.S. Know what our other bestseller is?  These gorgeous amethyst earrings - you know, if you want to make a set!

Collage featuring profile of Black woman with coiled hair cropped around her face, wearing amethyst earrings and crocus purple silk scarf. Also close ups of amethyst earrings, one on a purple silk backdrop and one on the top of a glass box with gold edges.


P.P.S. Part 2 of the Gift Guide series is live - continue reading over here!

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